Covenant Coffee Roasters
Bringing people together through Jesus + coffee. The crown symbolizes His kingship and the eternity symbol contains two C's, one for covenant and the other for coffee.
Eric Pristupa | Graphic Design (My Personal Logo)
In my senior year at Sacramento State, I designed a logo that represented me as a designer and but also a person. This logo displays my depth of thinking, love of stories, and my own journey to becoming a professional designer.
Haven is a community of family resources — for all people. The typeface blends the trust many have with tradition and the stability desired in all of life. The logo form also works as a container for images while also being rotatable, signifying that each family unique qualities and situational needs.
Priority Public Relations
Priority Public Relations is a Public Relations firm based in Sacramento, CA, specializing in high-risk and highly publicized engagements. The logo-mark combines two elements: an exclamation mark and a microphone. The exclamation mark tells clients we are bold and not afraid of being in the spotlight while the classically styled microphone elicits trust.

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